FCC Podcast Seeks to “Do the Impossible”

New series will go behind the scenes at the commission, explore history and more
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WASHINGTON — The Federal Communications Commission has jumped on the podcasting bandwagon with a series of its own.

Dubbed “More Than Seven Dirty Words” — thanks, George Carlin! — the commission says the podcast will be hosted by policy advisor Evan Swarztrauber. He will interview “FCC officials and staff and others in the communications space to share untold stories, explain important policy issues, and maybe even do the impossible: make telecom interesting.”

The first episode-and-a-half was released Aug. 27. The four-minute first episode gives background on the podcast’s concept in an introduction, and the second runs a full 22 minutes. In episode two, FCC Public Safety and Homeland Security Bureau attorney Roberto Mussenden discusses his visits to Puerto Rico, the FCC’s recovery efforts and the protectorate’s current status.

Episodes are currently available to stream and download from the commission’s website, Google Play and will soon be available on iTunes.