FCC Seeks Nominations for WARN Committee

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FCC Seeks Nominations for WARN Committee

Oct 17, 2006 10:00 AM

Washington - Oct 16, 2006 - The FCC seeks nominations for membership on its Commercial Mobile Service Alert Advisory Committee. The purpose of this committee is to develop recommendations on technical standards and protocols to facilitate the ability of commercial mobile service providers to transmit emergency alerts to their subscribers to the extent such providers elect to do so. This committee is being established pursuant to the Warning, Alert and Response Network Act (WARN Act), which was enacted on Oct. 13, 2006.

The act requires the committee to holds its first meeting within 60 days of the statute's enactment, which is Dec. 12, 2006.

The WARN Act Committee will develop and submit recommendations to the Commission that cover various aspects of a warning system. This includes identifying protocols, technical capabilities and technical procedures through which electing commercial mobile service providers receive, verify and transmit alerts to subscribers, establishing technical standards for priority transmission of alerts by electing commercial mobile service providers to subscribers, identifying relevant technical standards for devices and equipment and technologies used by commercial mobile service providers to transmit emergency alerts to subscribers, and ensuring the technical capability to transmit emergency alerts to subscribers in languages in addition to English when practical and feasible.

The committee must develop and submit its recommendations to the Commission within one year of the enactment of the WARN Act.

The FCC also seeks nominations for membership to the committee. Nominated individuals must represent the following areas:

  • State and Local Government Representatives
  • Tribal Governments
  • Subject Matter Experts, such as communications service providers; vendors, developers and manufacturers of systems, facilities, equipment and capabilities for the provision of communications services; third-party service bureaus; technical experts from the broadcasting industry; licensees and permittees of noncommercial broadcast TV stations; national organizations representing individuals with special needs, including individuals with disabilities and the elderly; and other individuals with relevant technical expertise.
  • Qualified representatives of other stakeholders and interested parties

Nominations should be received by the Commission as soon as possible to facilitate completion of the membership appointment process and scheduling of the committee's first meeting, which will be held no later than Dec. 12, 2006. Nominations should be sent to the Federal Communications Commission, Public Safety and Homeland Security Bureau, Attn: Lisa M. Fowlkes, via e-mail at lisa.fowlkes@fcc.gov, via fax at 202-418-2817, or via U.S. mail at 445 12th Street SW, Room 7-C753, Washington, DC 20554.

Due to the extensive security screening of incoming mail, the FCC encourages e-mail or fax delivery. No specific nomination form is required. However, a nomination should include the nominee's name, title and organization, the nominee's address, e-mail address and telephone number. Nominations should include a description of the nominee's qualifications to serve on the committee. Nominations to serve as subject matter representatives should include a description of any relevant subject matter expertise.

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