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FCC Takes Another Try at EEO Rules

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FCC Takes Another Try at EEO Rules

Dec 11, 2001 12:00 PM

Washington - Dec 11, 2001 - The FCC has adopted a notice seeking comments on proposed equal employment opportunity rules for the broadcast and cable industries. This is the FCC's third attempt at creating EEO rules. The new proposal would require companies with five or more employees to recruit for all job openings in a manner designed to achieve broad outreach, for example, by widely disseminating information on all job vacancies. Companies also would have to implement two additional recruitment measures: (1) sending vacancy announcements to requesting recruitment organizations; and (2) selecting from a menu of non-vacancy specific outreach approaches, such as job fairs or internship programs. Broadcasters would be required to place an annual EEO report in the public file detailing their outreach efforts. The FCC has also reduced the requirement that certain broadcasters (radio stations with more than ten employees and TV stations with five or more employees) file a Statement of Compliance once in the fourth year of the license term. Finally, the proposal would retain broadcasters' obligation to file annual employment reports, which would be used only to monitor industry employment trends and not for license-renewal purposes.