FCC Tweaks FM Allotment and City of License Rules

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FCC Tweaks FM Allotment and City of License Rules

Dec 8, 2006 11:35 AM

Washington - Nov 29, 2006 - In a Report and Order, the FCC has made some changes to its procedures for allotting and assigning channels, classes and communities of license for AM and FM broadcast stations.

Changes of community of license for commercial full-power AM standard-band and commercial and noncommercial educational (NCE) FM broadcast stations are now considered a minor modification. , These changes will be made on a first-come first-served minor modification application, subject to certain procedural requirements.

The FCC also changed the FM Table of Allotments, Section 73.202, so that only vacant allotments will be listed. Authorized, full-power, non-reserved band FM facilities already occupying allotments shall be listed only in the Media Bureau's Consolidated Data Base System (CDBS). As it does now, the CDBS will reflect the authorizations granted to those broadcasters operating on the listed channels and communities, and which are entitled to protection under our current rules.

Read the Report and Order at this link.
MB Docket No. 05-210