FEMA Offer Webinar in Advance of IPAWS Test

Will be held July 22
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WASHINGTON�The Federal Emergency Management Agency will conduct an IPAWS test in the New England states in the fall.

Before the regional test will be conducted on Sept. 16, the agency will hold three planning webinars targeting stations and emergency personnel. The first of these will be held in July 22 10 a.m. Signup for the webinar isavailable here.

Two technical webinars are planned for Aug. 19 and Sept. 3. IPAWS officials will walk engineers through configuring their EAS device for NPT according to the various types of EAS devices in the field.

The test will be conducted in cooperation with the state broadcast associations of Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts, Connecticut and Rhode Island. Broadcast and cable operators in those states will receive a National Periodic Test message via IPAWS. To actively participate in the voluntary test, stations need to configure their EAS device to forward an incoming NPT message.