Field Report: Tascam TH-2000 Headphones

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Field Report: Tascam TH-2000 Headphones

Jul 1, 2014 9:00 AM, Gil T. Wilson

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There are four things I look for when shopping around for studio headphones: price, durability, comfort, and sound quality. The Tascam TH-2000 headphones provide a high level of all of these.

When I was an on-air talent, I preferred to bring in my own headphones mainly for hygiene reasons, but also because you never knew when the studio headphones would be non-functional. Someone would run over the cord with the studio chair, or extend past the reach of the cord and cause a break in the wires inside. I learned quickly that station-provided headphones were always the cheapest priced and cheapest made because of the constant need of replacement. Early in my career, I learned that lesson, but even some of my own personal headphones were not immune to these and I had to go through several headphones before I found any that would meet my requirements.

First Impressions

While there are many brands of headphones available, and prices that range from cheap to a few weeks of my paycheck, I would rarely find that perfect match of durable-yet-not-break-the-bank headphones. The TH-2000 headphones are just such headphones.

First off, out of the box, these headphones are sturdy and feel solid. The headband feels substantial and yet is just flexible enough for constant use. The earpieces are very comfortably padded, and made to completely cover the ear, dampening much of the outside noise (but not all ,which is great for studio use or even better for remote broadcast use when you need to still hear some of the external noise). The padding also provides hours of comfort. The earpieces swivel a bit, which allows for a more comfortable fit allowing for a variety of head shapes, unlike rigid bow shaped headphones. The length of the headband is adjustable for a variety of head lengths.

The cord is attached to the left earpiece and is coiled for more free space to move around and not worry or hassle with tangling cords. The cord is 5'' normally, but when the coil is fully extended it can stretch up to 13''. This gives a good range for any remote engineer, studio producer or on-air talent. The plug built into the headphones is an 1/8� plug and comes with a 1/4� adapter. Included with the headphones is a great Tascam black leatherette bag to help protect the headphones during transportation. The headphones also fold into a nice small bundle to further protect them when not in use � making these headphones perfect for �tossing� into the remote equipment box or to carry around from studio to studio.

The TH-2000 headphones'' most unique feature is in the sound. They bring out the bass first and foremost. The mids and highs are evenly distributed, but the bass is what stands out most. My last pair of headphones were a bit dull in the bass end of the spectrum and I was fine with that, but when I put these on, I heard more of what I was missing and appreciated the TH-2000 headphones more after several hours of use, because I didn''t experience audio fatigue that too many highs can create. In fact, I don''t recall any point in which I needed or wanted to remove the headphones. I could spend hours doing production with these headphones and not have to take an ear break.

Bottom Line

The list price of these headphones is around $79 and is a bargain at that price due to their wearability, durability and sound quality. Any savvy audio engineer or producer would benefit with these headphones as a huge step up from cheap earbuds and as a reliable heavy duty pair of headphones.

If you are into the aesthetics of your headphones it''s also nice to know that these come in a choice of two colors: red or black.

Wilson is a 25-plus-year veteran broadcaster and operates a voiceover studio.