Fifty Thousand Watt Software Ships Automatic Transmission

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Fifty Thousand Watt Software Ships Automatic Transmission

Mar 10, 2008 11:01 AM

Plymouth, MN - Mar 10, 2008 - Automatic Transmission from Fifty Thousand Watt Software is now shipping. The software is a low-cost automation software program designed for ease of use.

Recordings are organized into file folders. A typical installation will have several folders for different types of music, plus folders dedicated to commercials, jingles, weather and other elements. A playlist directs Automatic Transmission to randomly select recordings from a particular sequence of folders. Recordings in each folder can be weighted so that some songs or commercials play more often than others.

A no-repeat option specifies a minimum amount of time before a recording can play again. In addition to a music rotation, Automatic Transmission can be programmed to play particular recordings at a specified time. Automatic Transmission will transition from a music rotation to timed broadcast, and then back to music rotation. For Internet radio use, Automatic Transmission can broadcast song titles, so that the text can be viewed on the listener's computer.

Automatic Transmission runs under Windows. A free, fully functional 30-day trial is available for download at