Florida Broadcasters Look to GSS for Alerting

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Florida Broadcasters Look to GSS for Alerting

Feb 12, 2007 10:04 AM

Orlando - Feb 9, 2007 - The Orlando Sentinel reports that Pat Roberts, president of the Florida Association of Broadcasters, recommends that the state association work with Global Security Systems (GSS) to install the company's system across Florida. The announcement comes just after a tornado passed through Central Florida, and while the devastation of the last hurricane season is still fresh in people's minds.

The GSS system uses FM radio subcarriers to distribute warning alerts. GSS is also looking to add the receiving capability to cell phones and media players.

The GSS system is being adopted in Missisippi. For now, emergency-management officials near Jackson, the state capital, can send messages to its 82 local emergency-management offices.