Ford Featuring HD Radio Receivers in 2011 Edge Model

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Ford Featuring HD Radio Receivers in 2011 Edge Model

Jul 21, 2010 10:00 AM, By Mark Krieger

iBiquity Digital says it's teaming with Ford Motors in an 11-week radio marketing campaign designed to boost Ford's 2011 Edge midsize crossover line, available with factory-installed Sony HD Radio receivers that include iTunes tagging.

In what looks to be a value-added proposition, member groups of the HD Radio Alliance will air an assortment of 30-second spots touting the 2011 Edge and its innovative audio options package. For its part, Ford has created a Web page devoted to explaining the benefits of onboard HD Radio technology as part of the Edge online marketing campaign.

The optional HD Radio package is designed to complement Ford's popular MyFord TouchT driver connect technology, utilizing Microsoft's Sync. Using iTunes tagging, drivers or their passengers can sync songs they hear on HD Radio directly to their iTune accounts for later purchase.

iBiquity and Ford note that the 2011 Edge will be the first vehicle to be offered with a factory-installed iTunes tagging HD Radio.