Ford to Enable Itunes Tagging in 2010

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Ford to Enable Itunes Tagging in 2010

Dec 30, 2009 10:20 AM

Dearborn, MI - Dec 29, 2009 - Itunes tagging with HD Radio will be a common feature on Ford vehicles in 2010. Radios in the new cars will also include Sirius Satellite Radio capability and Ford Sync, but the addition of Itunes tagging makes it the first auto manufacturer to offer the music-purchase feature in a factory radio, according to Ford and Ibiquity.

Up to 100 tags on Sync can be stored until the iPod is connected. When the Ipod is then synced to Itunes, a playlist of tagged songs will appear. Users then can preview, purchase and download tagged songs from the Itunes Store.

Zune Adds FM Tagging

Using RBDS, the tagging takes advantage of the built-in FM tuner in Zune devices. Nine broadcast groups have committed to support the technology....

Tag! Is this it?

The technology, called tagging, works with a radio that includes the tagging capability. That makes sense, right? The idea is that a listener hears a song he likes, presses a button (or some similar simple action) and the song is tagged for immediate or later purchase....