Fugate Talks FM Chip Importance

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Fugate Talks FM Chip Importance

Oct 20, 2014 11:12 AM

WASHINGTON� FEMA Administrator Craig Fugate says that it''s important for listeners to be able to hear local broadcasters in an emergency, according to this video.

In it, he acknowledges that technology has changed the way people listen to media, but he says that the importance of local broadcasts in a time of crisis has not diminished. Therefore, Fugate emphasizes that FM chip-enabled cell phones are a key part of 21st century preparedness, as radio may function even as other communications networks fail or become congested.

�NAB and local broadcasters thank FEMA Administrator Fugate for his support for radio-enabled Smartphones,� said NAB President and CEO Gordon Smith. �His comments send a strong message to wireless providers regarding the indispensible value of radio as a lifeline when disaster strikes. Broadcasters' partnership with Sprint has demonstrated consumers' keen interest in being able to tune to local radio stations on mobile devices wherever they go. We strongly urge all wireless carriers to voluntarily activate their customers' FM chips that are already installed in mobile devices to provide Americans with access to a lifesaving service.�