GatesAir Parts and Service Store Joins eBay

Retail portal will give buyers “access to clearance and overstock items” from the GatesAir warehouse
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MASON, Ohio� Radio and TV broadcast equipment manufacturer GatesAir is now offering some of its products via a new platform: eBay.

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GatesAir Chief Product Officer Rich Redmond says, �eBay provides a well-established global marketplace that allows customers of many types of products find what they are searching for. In some cases, items we have for sale are applicable to other industries, so eBay makes it simple to find.�

Dubbed the �GatesAir Parts Online Store,� the retail portal will give buyers �access to clearance and overstock items� from the GatesAir warehouse, according to its eBay page. Redmond explained, �We simply added another method to buy these overstock items which have been available via our normal channels.�

GatesAir said in a release that most products will ship in the U.S. at no cost to buyers. And because it is eBay, all prices appear to be somewhat negotiable � the products are listed at a price with a caveat of �or best offer.�

�As we move forward we will be both expanding the range of what is offered for sale and evaluate, expand the types of platforms we use, including a dedicated GatesAir webstore,� said Redmond.