GatesAir Provides HD Radio Transmission Equipment for Vermont Public Radio

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GatesAir Provides HD Radio Transmission Equipment for Vermont Public Radio

Jul 9, 2014 6:52 PM

July 9, 2014 � GatesAir today announced it is supporting Vermont Public Radio''s HD Radio broadcasts with a complete architecture to transport and transmit three digital channels and a main FM signal.� The installation includes a new GatesAir Flexiva transmitter to support higher HD Radio and analog power levels, improving over-the-air coverage while minimizing operational costs.

The system transports on-air program audio (and all program-associated data) over IP to the transmitter site.� At the transmitter site, a Flexiva 10kW transmitter is running 6kW at -14dB power injection levels for HD Radio, helping Vermont Public Radio deliver its programming to a wider audience.

The system from GatesAir gives Vermont Public Radio a complete architecture to support analog and digital radio services, with substantial efficiency improvements at the transmitter site that reduce maintenance, cooling and power costs.� This allows the public broadcaster to keep costs manageable while operating digital radio services.

GatesAir can support any digital radio transport method, including multiple generations of the HD Radio Exgine architecture.� Vermont Public Radio houses its GatesAir HDE-200 Program Exporter at the transmitter site, with a direct connection to its GatesAir Flexiva exciter.� At the studio, the GatesAir HDI-200 Importer prepares HD Radio program audio and data for delivery over IP to the transmitter site, alongside uncompressed audio for the FM broadcast.