GeoBroadcast Solutions Receives ZoneCasting™ Patent

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GeoBroadcast Solutions Receives ZoneCasting� Patent

Sep 8, 2014 9:14 PM

CHICAGO, IL � GeoBroadcast Solutions, LLC (GBS) is the company behind ZoneCasting, a technology that delivers over-the-air, hyper-local advertising to targeted neighborhoods. As of this week, GBS has been granted a patent for ZoneCasting which makes deployment a realistic possibility for the very near future.

ZoneCasting''s targeted precision delivers unique commercial content simultaneously to many defined zones across a single broadcast market. GBS'' proprietary modeling approach is instrumental in enabling targeted advertising capability across multiple in-market zones.

The road to patent approval began in September 2009, when GBS filed a provisional patent to protect the proprietary nature of the ZoneCasting concept. Since filing, the GBS team has partnered with GatesAir for transmitters and IP transport solutions to support low-cost distribution methods; and hyper-directional antennas and combiners from Jampro. After receiving FCC Experimental Authorization grants, two successful field tests were conducted in 2010 (Salt Lake City) and 2011 (Sebring, Florida), followed by simulations and listening tests in 2012. Each of these tests offered insight into proper zone location, system design, coverage modeling and optimization for ZoneCasting deployments.

GBS continues to evolve the ZoneCasting concept as the final FCC rulemaking phase moves toward completion. The company has filed two additional patent applications since 2010 that will allow for further refinement and optimization of the ZoneCasting architecture.