German Consortium Improves Traffic Data System Via DAB+

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German Consortium Improves Traffic Data System Via DAB+

Jan 26, 2015 12:18 PM, Doug Irwin, CPBE AMD DRB

HANOVER, GERMANY�The Lower Saxony consortium (ECODyNIS) has announced the successful completion of its project to improve the dissemination of real-time traffic data around Hannover.

FM radio has been used for this function for years, using RDS/TMC. However, data rates via DAB+ are considerably faster.

The Consortium, made up of Volkswagen AG, Delphi Germany GmbH, Elektrobit Automotive workGmbH, Media Broadcast GmbH, and the Hannover region and city, uses the following methodology: � Detection of traffic information in Hannover and region, and automatic conversion to the TPEG format. Message traffic is converted immediately. � Transfer of data in to the DAB+ network, subsequent transmission on channel 5C

Clearly vehicles that can receive and register the information are needed to make the entire system work.

Two additional benefits to this system are put forth by the consortium:� The most advantageous route to a destination will automatically be placed in a vehicles navigation system prior to the start of a trip, which not only save the driver''s time, but ultimately reduces CO2 emissions as well� For drivers using battery-powered vehicles, the shortening of time spent on the road will increase the likelihood that the destination will reached safely.

You can read more about ECODyNIS'' project here.