Germany''s New Wave Signs on to the EBU Smart Radio Initiative

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Germany''s New Wave Signs on to the EBU Smart Radio Initiative

Jul 14, 2014 11:18 AM

GENEVA�Germany''s Die Neue Welle (The New Wave) has signed on to EBU''s Smart Radio Initiative, according to

The aim of the Smart Radio Initiative is to encourage receiver manufacturers to make radios, smartphones, and tablets that can be used to receive analog terrestrial, digital terrestrial, and internet sources, all on the same device. The initiative was started in 2012 under the title of the �Euro-chip.''

EBU Radio Chief Christian Vogg rated the acceptance of the initiative by The New Wave as a positive sign, because it''s another commercial broadcaster in Germany that sees the hybrid future of radio--the combination of terrestrial broadcasting and the Internet. "We want and need to reach our listeners on mobile devices - under the same conditions as radio has worked for decades," said Vogg, "namely free-to-air for listeners without additional reception costs."

The Smart radio initiative signatories now include all public-service broadcasters in Germany, as well as Italy, Sweden, Norway, in addition to other domestic and foreign private broadcasters such as RTL Belgium and the Sky Group in the Netherlands.