Ghanaian Station GFM Radio Added to London DAB

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Ghanaian Station GFM Radio Added to London DAB

Nov 17, 2011 1:18 PM, By Doug Irwin, CPBE DRB

London - Nov 15, 2011 - GFM Radio, a London-based Ghanaian radio station, is the latest to be heard on Digital Audio Broadcasting (DAB) transmissions.

GFM was founded in 2000, and describes itself as "a Pan-African station that focuses on developmental issues across Africa and the African Diaspora." The station embraces all types of music and programs, offering a mix of Afro beats, gospel, hi life, hip life, jazz, soca, zouk as well as comedy and talk shows, and an "Agony Aunt" for the serious matters of life. The music policy and live links with Africans and Caribbeans has built an audience who tune-in to get news and perspectives on what is happening in their own part of the world.

GFM radio now reaches a monthly global audience of 7 million listeners and online surfers tuning-in from more than 144 countries. In London, one can access the station on DAB, the AM band at 558kHz, and online at

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