Grooveshark and Rocki Partner on Streaming

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Grooveshark and Rocki Partner on Streaming

Aug 7, 2014 2:54 PM

NEW YORK � Grooveshark, a streaming audio platform, has formed a strategic partnership with Rocki, the creators of a solution that enables users to stream music to any speaker system.

Rocki Play is a portable, Wi-Fi-enabled plug-in that quickly transforms any speaker with an audio input into a wireless speaker system. Rocki receives audio from smartphones, tablets or PCs at a greater distance than possible with Bluetooth technology and with better audio quality.

Rocki enables users to access saved music in their phones and local home network and access multiple devices'' shared music creating socially curated playlists with a Jukebox feel.

The Rocki app also supports multiple users playing music to multiple speakers in many rooms at the same time or different tunes in different rooms.

�This partnership allows users to easily and effortlessly stream music to any speaker system transforming it to a wireless speaker system,� said Grooveshark CEO and co-founder Sam Tarantino. �It is a natural fit with your Grooveshark library.�