Harman''s dbx Shows 500 Series Processors

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Harman''s dbx Shows 500 Series Processors

Jan 23, 2015 3:16 PM

ANAHEIM, CALIF. � Harman''s dbx introduces its 500 Series processors at NAMM 2015, five compact half-rack-space recording studio signal processors. The new 500 Series models include the 560A Compressor/Limiter, 530 Parametric EQ, 580 Mic Pre, 520 De-Esser and 510 Sub Harmonic Synth.


The dbx 580 Mic Pre is designed to deliver pristine audio quality with clarity, nuance and presence. Its ultra-low-noise mic preamp circuitry provides up to 60dB of gain and can accommodate mic or line-level signals. Controls for Gain, Low Cut, High Detail, Low Detail and Polarity Invert allow precise sonic tailoring and the large analog VU meter combines old school visual appeal with accurate level indication.

The dbx 560A Compressor/Limiter provides flexible control of dynamics including threshold, compression ratio and output gain. It offers selectable hard-knee compression or OverEasy mode incorporating dbx''s highly musical program-dependent attack and release times. The compression ratio is variable from 1:1 through infinity:1 to -1:1 and the 560A also has a Infinity+ compression mode using negative ratios. Adjustment is utilizes the 560A''s ladder-style LED RMS gain-reduction and input/output meter displays with true RMS level detection.

The dbx 530 Parametric EQ is a three-band parametric equalizer with selectable bell or shelf-type filters on the low- and high-frequency bands, and adjustable Q on each band. The dbx 530 allows adjustment of level and bandwidth at frequencies that have been carefully chosen for maximum musical effectiveness.

The dbx 520 De-Esser is used to remove sibilance from vocals for smooth, professional-quality recordings. The 520 has a frequency control range from 800Hz to 8kHz and provides de-essing ranging from 0dB to 20dB. Its gain reduction metering provides at-a-glance indication of the amount of de-essing applied.

The dbx 510 Sub Harmonic Synth enhances recordings with bass an octave lower than the original signal. The 510 includes a low-frequency boost, subharmonic level and frequency range controls.

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