Harris, Object Video Partner on Security System

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Harris, Object Video Partner on Security System

Sep 24, 2007 2:47 PM

Las Vegas and Cincinnati - Sep 24, 2007 - Object Video and Harris Corporation have entered into an agreement to create a system that provides added security and protection at remote sites. Under the agreement, Harris has integrated the Object Video On Board DSP-based suite of analytics software tools within the video encoding module of its Intraplex Netxpress managed IP networking platform.

Integrating Object Video On Board software within the Netxpress video encoder expands the system's capability, providing an additional layer of security monitoring and protection. Object Video's video content analysis software discerns objects of interest; distinguishes between people, vehicles and other objects; continuously tracks positions for all moving and stationary targets; and recognizes if objects have been removed or left behind at the designated site; among other possible security breaches. When significant changes are detected in the video, Object Video On Board immediately issues alerts complete with still images or full-motion video-over the IP network to security personnel and maintains detailed event logs.