Have You Heard of FirstNet?

It’s a broadband network dedicated to America’s police, firefighters and EMS
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RESTON, Va. �First Responder Network Authority is a broadband network dedicated to America�s police, firefighters and emergency medical services.

The FirstNet network will cover all 50 states, five U.S. territories and the District of Columbia, including rural communities and tribal lands in those states and territories. AT&T is building the core network for FirstNet and has started to deploy the radio access network equipment as well. The company will get $6.5 billion to deploy the network in 700 MHz D-Block spectrum nationwide, and expects to spend $40 billion building and maintaining the network over the 25-year term of the contract, according to lightreading.com.

All 50 states have now signed on, as have the District of Columbia, and two US territories. The major rollout will happen in 2018.

AT&T gets to make the dedicated spectrum accessible to commercial customers when it is not needed by first responders, and the company said it will open up all its network bands, including 5G bands yet to be deployed, to first responders when needed.

We�ll be covering FirstNet more in the coming year.�