HD Digital Radio Alliance Lifts Multicast Programming, Commercial Restrictions

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HD Digital Radio Alliance Lifts Multicast Programming, Commercial Restrictions

Sep 5, 2008 9:09 AM

Orlando, FL - Sep 3, 2008 - The HD Digital Radio Alliance says that all of the major objectives for programming on which the Alliance was founded have now been achieved and all restrictions on how member broadcasters can program and generate revenue from their multicast broadcasts have been completely lifted. At the same time, the Alliance announced that all member broadcasters have pledged to preserve the local diversity and consumer choice of their multicast content, as well as the clutter-free nature of the programming.

"We set out three years ago, in part, to do something revolutionary with radio programming -- create and nurture the first new set of radio broadcasts since FM," said Peter Ferrara, president and CEO of the HD Digital Radio Alliance. "And we've succeeded: we've fielded the technology; we've rolled out the broadcasts nationwide; we've created consumer choice and diversity; and we've restricted commercial content. It's now time to place more control and priority in the hands of our industry's outstanding local market managers, general managers and program directors. We've planted the seeds and now it's time for our industry to roll up its sleeves and make this garden grow."

In the three years since the Alliance was founded, the number of multicast broadcasts has grown to more than 800. The Alliance says that member broadcasters have adopted an "innovative approach to revenue-generation." Instead of the commercial spot approach common on terrestrial stations, multicast channels use other forms of advertising, including sponsorships and day-part takeovers. The Alliance says the result is more music and talk and fewer commercial interruptions.

The Alliance says it will now focus more resources on marketing HD Radio to consumers, with particular focus on local multicast programming.