HD Radio Alliance Dubs IBOC Digital a "Good Deal More..."

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HD Radio Alliance Dubs IBOC Digital a "Good Deal More..."

Jan 7, 2010 11:41 AM, By Mark Krieger

The HD Radio Alliance, preeminent promoter of digital radio via donated spots on hundreds of U.S. radio outlets owned by it membership, has taken the wraps off its latest marketing theme. Taking its cue from the economic downturn and freshly frugal consumers, the emphasis has shifted to more content and convenience with no fees.

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An Alliance press frames it this way: "HD Radio is a good investment especially in this challenging economy. Consumers get more stations without incurring any additional monthly costs like their cell phone, Internet connection or satellite radio -- and that is really important at a time when consumers are tired of paying monthly fees or memberships for entertainment.

"HD Radio -- especially in this economy -- is a great entertainment value. When the listener buys a new HD Radio (and upgrades one of the many radios in their home, their car or their office) they get 'a good deal more'. Listeners get their favorite AM stations, FM stations and the new HD multi-cast stations, all this with their purchase of an HD Radio and no additional monthly fees."

The new spots have already begun running and will continue throughout the first quarter of the year.

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