HD Radio Hits 1,000 Station Mark

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HD Radio Hits 1,000 Station Mark

Oct 16, 2006 2:52 PM

Ibiquity Offers HD Radio Rebate Program

A new HD Radio holiday rebate program from Ibiquity will provide as much as a $50 rebate on certain HD Radio receivers. ...

A report card on HD Radio

The last time I conducted my field study on HD Radio in the stores was in the August 2005 issue. Unfortunately, not much has changed....

Columbia, MD - Oct 16, 2006 - WIYY-FM 97.9 (98 Rock) in Baltimore carries the official distinction of being the 1,000th station in the United States to broadcast with HD Radio technology. Ibiquity notes that in just over one year the number of HD Radio stations on the air has nearly doubled. The technology developer expects to finish 2006 with 1,200 stations.