HD Radio Hits Manufacturing Milestones

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HD Radio Hits Manufacturing Milestones

Oct 7, 2008 4:12 PM

Columbia, MD - Oct 8, 2008 - Ibiquity Digital announced several milestones in manufacturing for the digital radio technology.

The heart of any HD Radio receiver is the HD Radio chipset to decode the digital signals. More than 1.5 million HD Radio chipsets have been shipped. Several chip makers build HD Radio chipsets, including Texas Instruments (DRI200, DRI250, DRI302, DRI352 processors) and NXP (3550 and 3555).

Once manufactured, these chipsets are integrated into modules for receiver manufacturers to install in systems. In Shenzhen, China, more than 1 million HD Radio modules have been manufactured for retail radio receivers using the Texas Instruments DRI Series chipsets. Jeff Jury, COO of Ibiquity Digital, noted, "As next-generation products come to market, there has been a significant drop in product development and production time. Many products are going through this cycle in less than six months, contributing to the rapid growth of products coming to market."

There's even a milestone on the consumer product side. More than 100 discrete HD Radio products have been certified over the last several years by Ibiquity, Intertek and Toko. These include clock radios, table-top sound systems, stereo tuners, high-end home components, transportable units and Ipod docks, as well as automobile OEM head units, aftermarket headunits, tuner boxes and plug and play upgrade kits.

Ibiquity had been certifying most HD Radio products in its Maryland Lab. As the number of products increased, the company licensed Japan-based Toko and then Hong Kong-based Intertek to help certify products in Asia.