HD Radio Manufacturing Capacity Doubled Since 2006

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HD Radio Manufacturing Capacity Doubled Since 2006

Oct 12, 2007 9:39 AM

Hong Kong - Oct 11, 2007 - Ibiquity Digital announced that the demand for HD Radio receivers has resulted in a doubling of partner manufacturing capacity in Asia during the past year. Nearly 60 companies are licensed and certified to manufacture HD Radio modules, components, receivers and tuners. In addition, new modules and reference designs were introduced to enhance HD Radio receiver production with advanced features: Ibiquity is offering a reference kit to support receiver/Ipod docking products with Itunes Tagging for HD Radio technology; LG Innotek is offering an HD Radio module that supports Conditional Access, Store and Replay as well as Itunes Tagging capabilities; and Samsung EM is offering a new module, the 2023 slave mode HD Radio module, that offers a quick path to market for end-product manufacturers.

Itunes Tagging for HD Radio technology enables consumers using HD Radio receivers equipped with a special tag button to select songs that they hear on the FM dial for subsequent purchase on-line through Itunes. Six leading broadcast groups (CBS Radio, Clear Channel, Cumulus, Cox, Entercom and Greater Media), which represent thousands of local AM/FM stations, are in the process of installing Itunes Tagging technology at the local station level.