HD Radio Multicasts Reach Top 100 Markets

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HD Radio Multicasts Reach Top 100 Markets

May 14, 2007 4:35 PM

Orlando - May 14, 2007 - The HD Digital Radio Alliance states that with the addition of stations in 15 markets, the multicast roll-out to the top 100 markets will be complete. The alliance notes that this top 100 roll-out was completed in less than 18 months, but the alliance's definition of "roll-out" appears to only mean that the formats have been decided. It does not mean that there is at least one multicast signal on the air in every one of the top 100 markets.

The next 15 markets to introduce HD2 multicast programming will be Gainesville, FL (86); Charleston, SC (87); Greenville, NC (88); Columbia, SC (89); Daytona Beach, FL (90); Des Moines, IA (91); Spokane, WA (92); Mobile, AL (93); Wichita, KS (94); Madison, WI (95); Colorado Springs, CO (96); Melbourne, FL (97); Tri Cities, TN (98); Lakeland-Winter Haven, FL (99); and Lexington, KY (100).

The HD Digital Radio Alliance was formed in December 2005 to coordinate the market-by-market HD2 format selections in the top 100 markets.