Ibiquity Approves Toshiba Chipset for Automotive Receivers

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Ibiquity Approves Toshiba Chipset for Automotive Receivers

Aug 27, 2009 12:13 PM

Tokyo, Japan - Aug 27, 2009 - Ibiquity Digital has approved Toshiba's new radio chipset for use in HD Radio automotive receivers. Toshiba's new radio chipsets, TB2178FG and TC94A90FG, provide a front-end to support communication with HD Radio decoders. Toshiba's chips allows the RF down conversion and the analog demodulation to integrate with HD Radio decoders to provide automotive-grade radio reception.

Overall, more than 1.5 million HD Radio chipsets have been manufactured and more than 1 million modules shipped, with approximately 100 different HD Radio products available.

The HD Radio approval process includes a rigorous inspection of performance and functionality to ensure compliance with the HD Radio broadcast system requirements. Toshiba joins NXP and Sanyo Semiconductor in offering radio receiver manufacturers a front-end chipset that can be integrated with HD Radio decoders into radio products to deliver high-quality HD Radio performance at a competitive price.

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