iBiquity: HD Radio Growth Continues

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iBiquity: HD Radio Growth Continues

Sep 19, 2013 7:05 AM, By Doug Irwin, CPBE DRB

Columbia, MD - Sep 17, 2013 - iBiquity Digital announced significant growth in audience, receiver sales and digital broadcast services. As the installed base of HD Radio receivers rapidly increases, so has listening to HD Radio multicast programming. According to the latest Spring 2013 Arbitron Radio Nationwide audience estimates, more than 4 million people listen to an HD2, HD3 or HD4 channel in an average week. This represents a 238 percent increase in Average Quarter Hour audience from the Fall 2011 survey. During the same period, Cume audience grew more than 200 percent. Note: this includes listening on analog translators fed by HD Radio signals.

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HD Radio receiver sales growth has accelerated, with more than 12 million factory-installed in new cars or auto aftermarket units. In total, almost 15 million HD Radio receivers have been sold to date.

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� 33 car makers now include factory-installed HD Radio Technology on 165+ different models
� 80+ different models include HD Radio as standard equipment
� An estimated 5 million HD Radio- equipped cars will be sold in 2013
� About 30 percent of all new cars sold this year include HD Radio

HD Radio Digital Traffic Services enable stations to transmit up-to-the-minute traffic, weather and other information and plot it onto car navigation screens. Two national networks, built by Clear Channel and the Broadcaster Traffic Consortium and encompassing more than 600 radio stations across the country are now delivering HD Digital Traffic. This service is already widely available in JVC and Garmin consumer products, and Toyota, Lexus and Mitsubishi will bring multiple car models to market this year with these features built in and available free to the consumer. Mitsubishi made the first of these units available to consumers in July 2013, using the BTC's HD Radio data network. This month the first Toyota vehicles with subscription-free HD Radio audio, traffic and weather arrived at auto dealer showrooms throughout America. The 2014 Tundra, Corolla, and Sequoia featuring HD Radio Artist Experience, traffic and weather forecasts are available now, and the new 4Runner and Tacoma are arriving later this month. Toyota is one of the first of many automakers using HD Radio Technology and Clear Channel's Total Traffic Network to provide subscription-free real-time traffic and weather information. Importantly, Broadcasters are compensated directly from consumer brands, car manufacturers or service providers for their participation, providing an important new revenue stream.

Artist Experience enables stations to provide synchronized images such as album cover art with their audio programming. This feature can also deliver station or advertiser logos for better branding and station recall, as well as reinforcing audio advertisements. Over the past year, broadcast groups large and small, including Beasley, Hubbard, Clear Channel, CBS, Emmis, Entercom, Bonneville, Journal, RTN, Merlin, Carter, Hall and Greater Media have all worked to implement Artist Experience on their stations. Currently some 500 stations are supporting Artist Experience on over 900 digital broadcast programs nationwide, with more on the way. Artist Experience is now widely available in new HD Radio car receivers from BMW, Buick, Chevrolet, GMC, Lexus, Toyota and Volkswagen as well as CE manufacturers Alpine, JVC, Kenwood, Pioneer, SONY and Insignia.

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