Ibiquity Identifies Initial IBOC Rollout Markets

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Ibiquity Identifies Initial IBOC Rollout Markets

Jan 17, 2002 12:00 PM

CES, Las Vegas - Jan 9, 2002 - Ibiquity Digital announced that it has identified Chicago, Los Angeles, Miami, New York, San Francisco and Seattle as its initial target markets for the commercial launch of its IBOC digital radio technology. These markets were selected on the basis of radio audience size and potential for receiver sales with the intent of quickly establishing the critical mass necessary for widespread adoption of digital AM and FM broadcasting technology. Broadcasters that are supporting the launch of IBOC technology in 2002 include ABC Radio, Bonneville International Corporation, Beasley Broadcast Group, Clear Channel Communications, Cox Radio, Entercom, Hispanic Broadcasting, Infinity Broadcasting and Susquehanna.

In December 2001, the National Radio Systems Committee (NRSC) evaluated the FM IBOC tests conducted by Ibiquity and an independent research group and found the FM system to be an improvement over the current analog system without causing significant interference to other stations.

Spokesmen for the broadcast groups mentioned above all expressed their support with official comments supporting the rollout in 2002.

Following the rollout in the six markets mentioned earlier, Ibiquity plans to move into its next set of markets, which includes Atlanta, Boston, Dallas, Denver and Detroit. The phase two introduction is expected to coincide with the commercial introduction of IBOC receivers in January 2003.