Ibiquity Launches AM, FM IBOC with Full Support

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Ibiquity Launches AM, FM IBOC with Full Support

Apr 10, 2002 12:00 PM

Las Vegas - Apr 10, 2002 - Ibiquity Digital introduced technology enabling AM and FM stations to begin broadcasting digitally. Broadcast transmission equipment manufacturers Harris, Broadcast Electronics and Nautel are introducing IBOC exciters at the 2002 NAB convention in Las Vegas.

Through the integration of the digital exciters being introduced into existing operations, stations can begin offering higher audio quality and enhanced reception. In addition, IBOC has been designed to occur simultaneously with the station's existing analog transmission and within the existing spectrum allocation.

The AM IBOC technology is endorsed by the National Radio Systems Committee (NRSC). The NRSC recommends that the FCC authorize the technology as an enhancement to the current analog AM broadcasting system in the U.S. for daytime usage. The committee, which is jointly sponsored by the NAB and the Consumer Electronics Association (CEA), wrote in its report that "IBOC offers a chance to revitalize AM broadcasting -- offering near FM-quality stereo reception." The NRSC endorsed the use of Ibiquity's FM IBOC system in November 2001.

Based on the test results available, the NRSC urged the FCC to move forward immediately with approval of AM IBOC as a daytime service. The committee also recognized IBOC will provide new data services and improved immunity from reception problems associated with analog AM radio. Ibiquity intends to continue to work with the NRSC to provide additional information about the nighttime operation of AM IBOC, with the goal of obtaining an endorsement of nighttime service in the near future.

Following the announcement by major broadcasters supporting the introduction of Ibiquity's IBOC Digital AM and FM technology, retailers including Crutchfield, Good Guys, Tweeter, Ultimate Electronics and The Progressive Retailers Organization, voiced their support for the consumer launch in 2003. These retailers provide the primary distribution channel in the major markets for consumer electronics manufacturers such as Kenwood, Alpine, Harman/Kardon and JVC.