iHeartRadio Hits 60 Million Registered Users

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iHeartRadio Hits 60 Million Registered Users

Feb 2, 2015 11:13 AM, Doug Irwin, CPBE AMD DRB

NEW YORK� iHeartMedia announced on Jan. 23 that its iHeartRadio streaming music service has surpassed 60 million registered users. To put that in perspective, note that Spotify now has over 60 million monthly �active users'' and 15 million paying customers; Pandora has over 250 million registered users and had 77 million �active users'' as of mid-2014.

However, according to Techchrunch, �These numbers are tough to compare since iHeartRadio treats users a bit differently than most streaming services. Users can listen to iHeartRadio on their smartphone or on the web for free without ever registering.

�But if users want to listen to playlists or use other, more personalized features on iHeartRadio, they have to register with the service.�

The same article goes on to say that there are many headwinds for the individual players in the streaming audio space. �The streaming space is incredibly hot, though incredibly difficult, going into 2015. Major players have made a name for themselves in a way that has truly changed consumer behavior. Most people will choose a streaming radio product (like Pandora) or a streaming music locker (like Spotify) before they will buy an album outright. But as consumers flock to these new media products, it''s worth remembering that the margins on streaming music are very low.

�Plus, there are tons of players in the space, from startups like Pandora and Spotify to bigger players like Apple, Google and Amazon.�