ILD Launches Audio Compression Technology

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ILD Launches Audio Compression Technology

Apr 22, 2002 12:00 PM

Belfast, Northern Ireland - Apr 8, 2002 - ILD Networks has launched a low-delay audio compression technology. The ILD-2496 algorithm offers the low-delay of sub-band coding schemes, such as G.722 or apt-X, and the higher coding efficiency and operational flexibility of psycho-acoustic MPEG-based coding schemes.

The ILD-2496 has been designed to transparently code 16-bit to 24-bit digital audio at sampling rates up 96kHz, all with a single compatible coding architecture. It delivers reduction ratios of 3:1 to 8:1; these ratios are user selectable at the encoder, can be changed dynamically and are automatically detected at the decoder.

The low coding delay of ILD 2496 (less than 10ms) is useful for interactive applications in the music, audio broadcasting and audio conferencing industries. To showcase the technology ILD has developed a two-channel ISDN codec, ILD BandNet-64, that can simultaneously transmit coded audio data, MIDI data and control information via a single ISDN B-channel, all while retaining a 12kHz audio bandwidth.