Industry Groups Jointly File for CAP Countdown Extension

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Industry Groups Jointly File for CAP Countdown Extension

Oct 21, 2010 5:00 PM

Washington - Oct 21, 2010 - The National Association of Broadcasters, National Cable and Telecommunications Association, Society of Broadcast Engineers, American Cable Association, Association for Maximum Service Television, National Public Radio, Association of Public Television Stations, Public Broadcasting Service and 46 state broadcast associations (all except Delaware, Georgia, Maryland and North Carolina) urged the FCC to extend the current March 29, 2011, CAP-compliance deadline to at least Sept. 30, 2011 or later. In addition, the group asked to consider holding the deadline in abeyance until the FCC has completed its own CAP-related equipment certification process and has resolved its anticipated rulemaking proceeding concerning modifications to Part 11 of its EAS rules and regulations.

The petitioners noted the current deadline is premature and potentially very wasteful for EAS participants to be required to purchase, install and test new or modified CAP-related equipment in circumstances where the IPAWS list of CAP tested and certified EAS equipment has yet to be released, the FCC may conduct its own certification process which could necessitate further changes to equipment which FEMA has already approved, and the FCC may, as a result of an expected rulemaking, change its EAS regulations in ways that impact the future suitability of CAP-related equipment.

The petitioners urged the Commission to take into consideration the extra time needed for EAS participants to coordinate with their state and local representatives to insure that the conversion of government-owned EAS equipment would be compatible with CAP-related equipment that radio and television stations and others may install.

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