Inovonics Updates David IV Firmware

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Inovonics Updates David IV Firmware

Sep 18, 2012 2:17 PM

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Felton, CA - Sep 18, 2012 - The Inovonics David IV (Model 719) was introduced in late 2011 as a comprehensive, all-digital audio processor with near-exclusive application in FM broadcasting as an air chain processor. Nine months later the product is on air in more than 100 stations worldwide and is the firm's fastest selling broadcast audio processor to date. With the introduction of Rev. 2 firmware, along with corresponding updates for the controlling PC software, the application of the product is expanded to include additional features and improved performance. These changes are are included in all new units shipping as of this release.

Prior firmware versions can be upgraded in the field (for free) by downloading updates at

New features included with the revision:
� Adjustable HD Radio and DRM diversity delay provision of up to 9.999 seconds for the analog FM carrier with optional drop-in delay board.
� Balanced L/R analog and AES digital outputs can now be independently set for 20kHz flat, FM-pre-emphasized or FM-flat.
� ITU multiplex power control to meet the European standard ITU-R BS.412-9.

The revision provides these improvements:
� The algorithm used to in the PIPP limiter section has been improved for greater density and symmetry.
� Select factory processing presets have been refined to better showcase the genre of music they represent.
� Changes in the David IV firmware have resulted in certain performance related improvements including THD, stereo separation and signal-to-noise ratio specs.

The David IV won a Radio magazine Pick Hit Award at the 2012 NAB Show.

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