Intel's Maloney Receives RCA Award

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Intel's Maloney Receives RCA Award

Sep 8, 2006 11:30 AM

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Red Bank, NJ - Sep 8, 2006 - Sean Maloney, executive vice president of Intel, will receive the Radio Club of America Lee de Forest Award at the RCA annual banquet on Nov. 17 in New York. He is being recognized for his efforts in developing Wi-max technology. Maloney will deliver a special address at the banquet.

Initiated in 1983, the Lee DeForest award was established concurrently with the joining of The DeForest Pioneers with The Radio Club of America, and is made in memory of the many contributions of Dr. Lee DeForest to the radio communication industry. It is awarded by the RCA board of directors to a person for significant contributions to the advancement of radio communications. The award has generally been limited to people who were members of the DeForest Pioneers and had original contract or employment with Dr. DeForest.

The RCA banquet is open to members, guests and non-members. For information and reservations, contact Lisa McCauley, the RCA executive secretary, at 732-842-5070.