Intelsat Celebrates 50 Years

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Intelsat Celebrates 50 Years

Aug 21, 2014 2:27 PM

LUXEMBOURG� Intelsat has celebrated its 50th anniversary of providing telecommunications and video content distribution infrastructure for businesses, organizations and governments around the world.

In honor of its anniversary, the company created a video library featuring 50 interviews with contributors to the earliest days of the commercial space sector, as well as the business leaders responsible for today''s innovations. The video gallery also includes the stories of Intelsat''s customers and employees who have witnessed firsthand the vital role of satellite communications in connecting the world.

�I can think of no better way to honor Intelsat''s 50th year and those early pioneers of space than by looking to the future and the advances that are taking place in space-based communications that will transform how people, machines, and businesses connect to one another,� said Chairman and CEO Dave McGladet. �The advent of high throughput satellite technology, such as Intelsat EpicNG, and innovation occurring at all levels of our ecosystem will ensure that communities and businesses around the world have the information and content they need to progress and thrive. That was our mission in 1964 and remains critically important at Intelsat today as we endeavor to connect people of the world."

The International Telecommunications Satellite Organization was established on the basis of agreements signed by governments and operating entities on Aug. 20, 1964. Intelsat''s sole purpose was to provide the necessary communications infrastructure that would aid in socioeconomic development around the world.

Since then, Intelsat has played a role in enabling the progression of telecommunications over the past half-century.

Since Intelsat''s global satellite broadcast of Neil Armstrong''s walk on the moon in 1969, Intelsat''s satellites have allowed the world to share in real time some of modern history''s most historic moments and iconic entertainment events. As important, Intelsat has served as the critical link for news organizations and humanitarian workers by providing near-instant communications infrastructure during times of crisis.