Introducing DRU's Newest Contributor

James Cridland is an Australia-based radio futurologist
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BRISBANE, Australia � James Cridland has been named as the newest contributor to Radio magazine's Digital Radio Update e-newsletter.

Cridland is a radio futurologist, and is managing director of, an industry information website.

He�s worked in radio since 1989 as a copywriter, presenter and internet strategist. In 2001 he joined the original Virgin Radio in London, where he was digital media director, launching the world's first radio smartphone app in March 2005. In 2007 he joined the BBC to work on the BBC iPlayer for radio, achieving an increase in the service's audio quality and being part of the team that laid the foundations for the UK Radioplayer.

Cridland left the BBC in 2009, and has since worked for a variety of businesses, including the receiver manufacturer Pure, UK Radioplayer and Radioplayer Worldwide, Futuri Media, iBiquity, and numerous other European media companies. In addition, James was a founder of the hybrid radio technology association RadioDNS.

He writes for publications including his own, AllAccess, Australia's and Radio World International. Born in the UK, Cridland now lives in Brisbane, Australia with his partner and daughter.

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CRA Report: Mobile Broadband Comms Not Replacement for Broadcast Radio

A report released today by Commercial Radio Australia and written by Professor Reg Coutts (Coutts Communications) finds that mobile broadband communications networks, particularly in regional areas (meaning outside the 5 capital cities of Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide, Canberra and Melbourne) are not a replacement for broadcast free-to-air radio.