Is HD Radio Coming to the iPhone?

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Is HD Radio Coming to the iPhone?

Jun 18, 2010 9:50 AM

Jun 18, 2010 - Apple Insider says that HD Radio could be in an upcoming version of the iPhone. It reports that a patent application from Apple centers around HD Radio. The patent is titled "Digital Radio Tagging Using an RF Tuner Accessory," and it describes how users could scan stations based on criteria in the audio data. The metadata search would allow for refined content searches.

Apple already offers tagging in the iPod Nano, which includes an analog FM tuner. The patent describes an external radio receiver, wirelessly transmitting audio and data to the portable device. It also hints that this data could be linked to an audio system in a vehicle.

In November 2009, The Wall Street Journal reported that Apple was talking to iBiquity to bring HD Radio to future models of the iPhone and iPod touch.

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