iStreamMedia Gets Rights to

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iStreamMedia Gets Rights to

Jul 28, 2014 5:40 PM

NEW YORK�Web broadcast startup iStreamMedia LLC has come to terms with the Swedish broadcaster ErrorFM, which went dark in December 2013.

�ErrorFM is a brand that has broadcasted both live and recorded content on the Internet since 2002, think about that for a minute; Pandora came on the scene in 2004, iHeartRadio 2008,� said iStreamMedia CEO, President and cofounder Jay Peninger. �ErrorFM was two years ahead of the curve, and it would be a shame to just let a pioneer network like that to just go dark.�

ErrorFM was founded in 2002 by Per Thulin. It broadcast a variety of freeform live radio and recorded content from studios in Los Angeles. Three channels (talk, music, rock) ran combinations of live and recorded content 24/7 and found a cult following in the Indie community. After losing key management staff, the site was shut down.

No operations or programming plans have been announced yet, but Peninger noted he would like to reinvigorate music channels like RockZilla.