ITC Engineer John Fesler Dies

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ITC Engineer John Fesler Dies

Jan 11, 2011 10:08 AM

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Bloomington, IL - Jan 10 , 2011 - John Charles Fesler, formerly a design engineer at ITC, passed away Jan. 10, 2011, at age 58. Fesler joined International Tapetronics after receiving his BSEE from Bradley University in 1974. At ITC, he developed and patented magnetic head designs that revolutionized tape cartridge machine audio performance with the ITC Series 99 product line. Fesler was an important member/contributor on NAB Standards committees and attended the NAB convention every year during his career with ITC.

Fesler was an avid historian and musician, notably emulating Thomas Edison. He became friends with the Edison family and had the unique privilege to construct several incandescent light bulbs in Edison's lab in exactly the same manner as Edison. Fesler also had many wax recordings and a recorder/player. Some of the recordings were re-recorded and preserved in the museum. Fesler was a Henry Ford enthusiast as well, owning a 1980's Shay Reproduction of the Model A Roadster and two restored Model Ts.

Fesler loved playing the tuba and did so in the Community Band of Bloomington-Normal (IL) for many years.