It's Salary Survey Time!

2016 survey is online and ready for your responses
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LOS ANGELES � Our�2016 Salary Surveyis now online and ready for your responses. It takes only about 10 minutes to complete (the approximate duration of drinking one small cup of coffee).

This year, in addition to the questions we normally ask about various forms of compensation, we are also asking you to tell us about your job: How much you enjoy it, how long you plan to stick with it, and whether or not you believe your other station colleagues really get just what it is we do!

Every year we�ve gone up in the number of respondents but I really would appreciate it if you would take a little time to complete the survey again this year. The results are completely anonymous, and after we analyze the data, we publish a report about it in our October edition.

That is when you can come back and say �Hey�lots of people actuallydidget raises!� or even �Looks like my pay is a little under-market...� or �I didn�t realize that many people charged a retainer to their clients...� (We actually have a section geared towards contract engineers, so if that is who you are, you�ll find the survey to be of value, too.)

I thank you in advance for your time, and thanks for reading Radio!

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