Jacobs Media: Pandora Presents Emerging Problem for Broadcast Radio

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Jacobs Media: Pandora Presents Emerging Problem for Broadcast Radio

Apr 29, 2010 10:27 AM

Southfield, MI - Apr 28, 2010 - In a Web survey of more than 26,000 rock radio listeners from around the United States, Pandora is emerging as the runaway winner among Internet radio music services. Jacobs Media President Fred Jacobs comments, "Radio broadcasters may think the competition is the radio station down the dial. Pandora is emerging as the premier Internet radio station, winning new listeners and fans as streaming and mobile devices become popular. It is a threat to terrestrial radio."

Of streamies -- those who listen to Internet radio -- nearly four in 10 (37 percent) tune in Pandora. Among the long list of streaming radio stations that respondents could choose from, Pandora is the clear favorite, showing a strong four-year listening trend.

Pandora also has momentum. Of those who listen, 43 percent say they are tuning in more often, while 15 percent already listen frequently. Owners of iPhones, Androids and BlackBerry devices are listening to Pandora more frequently.

Pandora compares very well to terrestrial music stations. More than half of those who listen to Pandora (55 percent) say that it is better than most commercial radio music stations, while only 5 percent say it is worse. Of those who listen, 37 percent have no complaints, but 25 percent say the service does not allow them to skip enough songs.

Jacobs Media's Technology Web Survey VI was conducted mid-February/early March 2010.

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