Jacobs Media Social Media Update

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Jacobs Media Social Media Update

May 19, 2014 3:16 PM

Bingham Farms, MI - May 19, 2014 - In the company's new Techsurvey10, Jacobs Media took a different look at how radio listeners use and enjoy social media. And the results are spectacular.

Jacobs Media has typically asked respondents to tell them on which social platforms they have a profile. This year, they went deeper and asked whether respondents use these social channels on a daily basis. No matter how you slice it, Facebook wins both the "cume" and "TSL" (or Daily Engagement) measures. Of course, the data varies significantly by demographic and format preference.

The chart below shows the equivalent of social media's "cume" - of those with a social media profile, the sites where they are connected:

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Not surprisingly, Facebook dominates. But LinkedIn shows up well, followed by a tie between Google+ and Twitter. Pinterest and Instagram are all mentioned by more than one-third of respondents with social media profiles.

Then, the company asked "on which of these sites do consumers visit on a daily basis?"

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This is where Facebook displays amazing DE - or Daily Engagement. Nearly three-fourths of those on Facebook are present there every day. Twitter and Instagram are distant seconds when it comes to everyday usage. Note that while many still have a MySpace profile, no one uses that platform on a daily basis.

But the actionable tools for radio brands building social strategies are in the demographic details. A look, for example, at Generation Z - respondents 22 years of age and younger - reveals a very different social story. While Facebook leads, Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat are all major platforms among this teen-heavy generation. And from the standpoint of DE, Facebook is lower than average, while more than four in 10 use Instagram and Snapchat every day.

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This Gen Z "social footprint" speaks volumes about the importance of pictures in the social space, and may very well predict what older generations may be doing in the not-so-distant futures.

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