Kaltman Creations Introduces CPArray Antenna

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Kaltman Creations Introduces CPArray Antenna

Jan 8, 2015 12:00 PM

ATLANTA� Kaltman Creations has released a new CPArray antenna for wireless microphones.

It utilizes micro technology rather than traditional, larger paddle and beam style antennas and features a circular polarized pick-up pattern and multi-directional focusing ability

Two CPArray antennas are mounted onto a mic stand Tee-bar and with a low loss antenna combiner, which enables users to selectively cover in opposing, off-set, and multi- elevation directions. This configuration offers the ability to focus reception in selected areas for maximum efficiency and avoiding extraneous and interfering RF. It fits in your hand and weighs 1.2 lbs.

The IWxCPArray (model number) is passive with a 60-degree beam-width and the pattern is circular polarized in the 470MHz to 960MHz range. The antennas are painted theater black with a 50 Ohm low-loss BNC connection.

The new antennas are sold in a twin-pair configuration with the Tee mounting bar for traditional �Diversity'' connections for $549, or with the antenna combiner for multi-directional focusing for only $599. An optional 6� inch wall mount is available for $49.