KFLP-FM Uses Stream Guys and Barix for Syndication

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KFLP-FM Uses Stream Guys and Barix for Syndication

Aug 26, 2008 10:30 AM

Floyada, TX - Aug 26, 2008 - Floydada, Texas-based Paramount Broadcasting is preparing for its second season of broadcasting its popular West Texas Friday Night Scoreboard Show on KFLP-FM using Stream Guys low-latency (BRTP) Internet distribution service with Barix audio-over-IP hardware devices. The joint system has been deployed to deliver the show via IP to 35 affiliates in 33 markets. The IP architecture provides a reliable, high-quality audio solution that reduces operational costs compared to the company's previous reliance on satellite technology for program distribution.

The West Texas Friday Night Scoreboard Show is entering its tenth year on the air. The weekly show reports highlights and scores of as many as 150 Friday night high school football games, and is a highly popular program throughout Texas.

After its first season, KFLP used a satellite provider to distribute the show. During that time occasional conflicts with other syndicated sporting events and a shortage of receivers presented problems. These scheduling conflicts often made it difficult for affiliates to receive consistent programming. When Paramount decided to implement the Barix/Stream Guys system, the station wanted something that would be both cost-effective and easy to operate, while retaining ownership of the end-to-end system.

A live feed is sent from the KFLP studios via a Barix Instreamer-100 audio encoder over the Internet where an aggregated server infrastructure from Stream Guys receives the feeds and transports them over a streaming network to the 35 affiliates including the flagship station, KFLP.