Klotz Digital Sells 1,000th Vadis 880 Frame

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Klotz Digital Sells 1,000th Vadis 880 Frame

May 16, 2002 12:00 PM

Munich and Moscow - May 16, 2002 - Klotz Digital has sold its 1,000th Vadis 880 frame and it has been delivered to Bolshoi Theatre in Moscow. The theatre will be equipped with a complete Vadis Audio Matrix linking all the technical areas, which are located in two different buildings of the theatre complex. The Audio Matrix handles 126 stage microphones, several rehearsal rooms, stage directions, a sound recording studio, a production studio and associated links for television and radio broadcasts. A specific software in the Russian language will manage the Vadis system.

The Vadis 880 was developed as a digital Audio Media network serving the radio broadcast, production and public address system user. The Vadis 880 network provides a fully integrated approach to audio and program-associated data routing, distribution, format conversion, sample rate conversion, DSP, digital audio sync distribution and machine control routing. Multiple control locations can share sources, area-wide logic control signal routing, talkback and intercom via the company's fiber optic network.