Korg Updates MR-2000S Studio Recorder to Version 1.5

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Korg Updates MR-2000S Studio Recorder to Version 1.5

Apr 24, 2009 12:12 PM

Melville, NY - Apr 23, 2009 - The Korg MR-2000S studio recorder has been enhanced with a new operating system that adds a number of features. Using O.S. Version 1.5, multiple MR-2000S recorders can now be synced together to facilitate multitrack DSD recording. By designating one MR-2000S as the master, the transport controls, recording mode and setting of marker points will be shared with the additional units.

A new "dual-mono" mode has been added, keeping each recording channel independent for ease when importing tracks into DAW software. Previously recorded stereo files can be played back as two mono files as well.

The Setting File function allows task specific settings -- input level, clock source, recording mode, etc. -- to be memorized and saved as one of 400 setups. These setups save time when a single MR-2000S is being used by multiple users for different projects, or when switching between sessions. Audio can now be monitored while fast-forwarding or rewinding to assist in locating the start of a song or when setting marker points.

In addition to multi-unit sync, dual-mono mode and enhanced workflow, the new MR-2000S Version 1.5 features include AIFF file playback and support for professional S/PDIF protocol. Additionally, a new version of Audiogate software has been released (1.5.2) to support the new features. Audiogate allows users to manage, edit and convert DSD recordings into other formats. The MR-2000S OS Version 1.5 is a free download from www.korg.com/MR2000S.�Click on Support.

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