Lawo Releases Version 3 Software for Zirkon

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Lawo Releases Version 3 Software for Zirkon

Apr 3, 2009 8:30 AM

Toronto, ON - Apr 2, 2009 - Lawo has released version 3 software for the Zirkon on-air radio console. Featuring a number of significant enhancements, V3 is geared toward streamlining workflow and features several enhancements.

Designed to enhance communication, the new Intercom Matrix found in V3 enables one to configure the Zirkon or crystal consoles as a series of simple panels to function as an economical radio intercom system. With the ability to support up to 42 panels or intercom ports, the software creates a full summing matrix where multiple people can communicate to any destination. The intercom matrix includes an intelligent element where one console is designated as the on air board. As soon as the talent is live on air, the talk buttons to this console in the other panels of the matrix system become deactivated. This new feature creates a completely integrated IFB system and circumvents the necessity for additional hardware or wiring. The Intercom Matrix uses the system's MADI or AES connectivity to a central Nova 17 hub.

The Lawo Zirkon on-air radio console incorporates a serial interface and protocol that enables the console to communicate with Radio Automation Systems. V3 software enables the automation system communication protocol to transmit over IP in addition to the standard serial connection.

V3 also provides level adjustment for feedback lines. With this function, one can assign any level parameter as an additional controlled element to the rotary encoder of the channel strip. As an example, if a telephone hybrid is assigned to a channel and its rotary encoder controls gain and pan pot, V3 adds the ability to assign the level of the outgoing clean feed associated with the telephone hybrid to the same knob, so that by pushing the knob a third time, one can toggle from gain to pan pot to gain for the outgoing clean feed. Without any further action, it is now possible to adjust the signal exiting the console from the same place it originates.

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