Liquid Compass Launches New Managed Services Division

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Liquid Compass Launches New Managed Services Division

Sep 12, 2006 2:45 PM

Denver - Sep 12, 2006 - Liquid Compass has launched a new Managed Services Division to manage all aspects of its customers' media websites and in-stream ad scheduling.

Typically, when a new client signs up for streaming media services, the Liquid Compass staff spends a significant amount of time with each station training its employees how to update website content and to use the new ad replacement software to traffic all station promos, paid advertising and PSAs. And, although the ad replacement software (developed by Spacial Audio and licensed exclusively to Liquid Compass for terrestrial radio stations in the United States) is relatively simple to use, the idea of learning and managing a new automation system can be daunting. The new department will manage the entire process to allows stations to focus on running the station.

Separately, the Liquid Compass roster of terrestrial stations has exceeded the 500 mark with the signing of Entercom Communications.